Attacks from the shadows. His hidden blade does high damage from behind. Uses smoke grenades.
core: Professional
Every third projectile deals 150 extra damage and heals for 10 health, bonuses stack with each third hit.
Taking damage or missing 5 shots resets the stack.
Gain 15% dodge chance, and you cannot take more than 450 damage from a single attack, but has a weak shield.

Dropping below 25% health releases a smoke cloud, 60 second cooldown.
level 5
Deal 15% more damage with Pistols, SMGs, Critical Hits, and Headshots. Pistols and SMGs also have 10% reduced recoil.

All weapons gain 5° reduced deviation.
level 10
Dagger applies 10 acid damage per second over 6 seconds per each Core stack, and adds 3 stacks

Deal 20% more damage to Elites, and gain 1 Plating per Elite kill.
level 15
Dagger Backstab kills grant a tiny speed boost and steals 8-15 credits with a small chance for 10x the amount.

Chests open while stealthed grants a damage boost and 1-1500 credits.
level 20
Dodging refunds one bullet and going into stealth reloads half the current magazine.

Smoke cloud also triggers when dropping below 50% health, on a separate cooldown
Unlocks Overdrive slot
level 25
All Acid, Bleeding, and Stun ammo types trigger 40% more often, deal more damage, and last longer

The Core damage bonus can critically hit, using your standard strike and damage values
Frontal hits while in smokescreen don't put the knife on cooldown.
Cosmetic only: Energy Orb
Beat the Final Boss with the class at least at 140% difficulty in classic mode

All classes gain 3% more dodge chance
Beat the last boss with the class in the following modes:
[_] 200% Classic Mode
[_] 140% Madness mode
[_] 140% Tactical mode
[_] 140% H-Adrenaline mode

Umbra adaptive cloak also spawns an exploding decoy when used.

Cosmetic only: Glow Aura
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Umbra Adaptive Cloak starting item can be used to avoid detection or quickly get out of fights
  • Scoundrel's Dagger starting item heals on hit and provides Professional core stacks (at level 10)
  • Bonuses to Pistols and SMGs, and all weapons become more accurate
  • High starting Dodge stat
  • Potential for massive credits gain (at level 15)
  • Cannot take more than 450 damage from a single hit
  • Low max shield
  • Slightly lower base health
  • Professional core requires consistent hits without taking damage

Signature Items[]

Scoundrel's Dagger
A swift dagger attack, dealing damage and stealing life based on missing health.
Stabs from behind deal double damage and healing while reducing the cooldown by half. Also reduces weapon heat by 10 on use.
Adaptive Cloak
Grants stealth for a duration, making the user instantaneously invisible to most enemy forces, attacking or using items breaks the stealth effect.

Memory Modules[]

Head Hunter
Headshots have a [50%] chance of refunding 1 bullets to spare ammo and refresh [10%] of missing shields.

Damage over 300 doubles the effect, Shotguns excluded.
Switch Position
Ejecting a weapon grants a [60%] damage reduction and movement speed for [2] seconds.

5 seconds cooldown.
Evasive Maneuvers
Increases dodge chance by [5%].

Dodging triggers a minor dash and replenishes one bullet in the current magazine.
Attacking out of combat deals additional [5%] damage for each second being out of combat.

Exiting a teleporter or beginning a wave grants stealth for [7] seconds.
Shadow Dance
Grants [3] dodge chance and [7%] increased healing for each 3 seconds of being infight, stacks 3 times - resets on taking damage.
Standing still quickly diminishes shield regeneration delay and heat. Increases maximum health by 100.
Keeping Distance
When no enemy is within 600 range, gain [30%] increased firerate and [15] increased armor damage absorbtion.
Every 5 inflicted Headshots passively increase critical strike chance and critical damage by 1% and heals for [20%] missing health.

Crit bonuses stack up to [10] times.
DMR Conversion
Found weapons with magazine sizes from [10]-[20] are modified to semi-automatic, with increased damage and reduced firerate.
Power Tuning
Increases Headshot damage and running ammo regeneration by [35%] if weapon heat is below 10.

Passively Increases weapon heat generation by [10%].
Standing still while in combat grants [2] seconds of [60%] total damage absorbtion, 10 seconds cooldown.
Keeping Cool
Hitting active reload refreshes [75%] of shields, grants a [250] shield buff that lasts 3 seconds and reduces current weapon heat by 10.
Blood Borne
Grants a [2] second time window after taking damage over 300 to gain the lost health back or even more with weapon lifesteal.

15 seconds cooldown.
Die Hard
While at full health, never take more than 75 health damage - Damage dealt to Rank 1 or 2 Elite enemies is increased by [30%].
Against the Odds
Grants [25%] increased maximum Health and heal an additional [7%] of maximum health each healing instance over 100 HP but take an additional 10% damage.


  • The prestige effect applies to misses as well, but not backstabs.