Offensive expert specialized in close quarters battle. Enters and leaves fights in quick succession
core: Charge
Dashing lasts longer, grants 7.5% damage resistance and bonus damage for each enemy within 350 range when the dash ends.

Bonuses last 3 seconds, and refreshes 20% of shields per enemy when bonuses expire.
Weapons have a 15% chance to not consume ammo.
Gain a larger shield that takes longer to regenerate.

Take reduced damage from explosions, start with the Super Shorty.
level 5
When below 35% health, gain 20 health regeneration and 15% critical strike chance.

Entering a new room heals you for 300 health and grants a stimpack buff.
level 10
Dashing reloads one shot.

Take half damage from all negative status effects and lose less speed while firing.
level 15
Explosions in proximity reduce current item cooldowns by 2.5% and grant a brief speed boost.

Shotgun & Coil shots penetrate through enemies at 50% damage loss per target, and gain 50 range.
level 20
Increases Plating cap to 4.

Dropping below 20% health grants 4 plating and a stimpack buff - 100 second cooldown.
Unlocks Overdrive slot
level 25
All weapons have 20% reduced deviation, reload, and ejection times.

The last shot in a magazine has an additional 25% chance of not consuming ammo.
Super Shorty has +5% damage for the first shot in a magazine.

Cosmetic only: Energy Orb
Beat the Final Boss with the class at least 140% difficulty in the classic mode

All classes gain 75 maximum health.

Beat the last boss with the class in the following modes:
[_] 200% Classic Mode
[_] 140% Madness mode
[_] 140% Tactical mode
[_] 140% H-Adrenaline mode

The level 5 talent also triggers above 90% health.

Cosmetic only: Glow Aura
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Highest base movement speed and shield of all classes
  • Powerful class talents for weapons, shotguns especially
  • Breaching Charges can quickly dispatch groups of enemies
  • Slower shield regeneration
  • Breaching Charges can self-damage if used recklessly
  • Must be dangerously close to enemies to use its class core.

Signature Item[]

Breaching Charge
Throws out breaching charges with low range, dealing explosive damage in an area.
Dashing reloads one Breaching charge.

Memory Modules[]

Taking health damage over 100 grants [2] seconds of total damage immunity and has a [10%] chance of granting one plating, absorbing one full hit. 12 seconds cooldown.
All newly found items start with [3%] more item power for each conquered level.
Increases base heat value by [5].
Kills increase healing gained by [15%] lasts [5] seconds, can stack.
Into Battle
Deal [15%] more damage, take equally less damage and grants [35%] stronger shield regeneration if within 175 range of an enemy.
Aegis MK5 Platinum
Grants [60%] reduced shield regeneration delay and [40] increased movement speed if heat is over 30.
Kills refresh [100] of maximum Shield strength - Passively increases maximum shield by [70].
Fortify Position
Barricades and destroyable objects have [75%] more durability.

Increases maximum ammo and starting ammo for all weapons by [40%].
Active reload grants [15%] chance to critically strike with any weapon for 3 seconds, doubled if over 60 heat.

Passively increases weapon heat generation by [10%].
Weapon Mastery
Shotguns and SMGs have a [20%] chance adding one shell to spare ammo when fired, chance halved for other weapons.

Stunning effects last [25%] longer.
Shield Overclock
Grants [125] increased shield regeneration per second. In addition, found shield powerups last [10] seconds longer.
Get [5] weapon lifesteal when below 30% of maximum health.
Decreases damage output by 10%.
Scrap Plating
Chance to find Scrap scattered around, granting 1 plating on pickup.

Plating deflects all damage for one hit. Power increases chances.
Bits and Pieces
Each obtained plating instance grants a stacking [10%] bonus in damage and critical damage, refreshes on new pickup and lasts 10 seconds. The first application grants the bonus for twice the duration.
Taking health or shield damage grants Berserk stacks, increasing firerate and decreasing firing slowdown by [1%].

Stacks up to 40 times and is lost after not taking damage for 12 seconds.
Taking health damage briefly slows the attacker with a chance to stun depending on damage amount and reflects up to [150] damage.
Push Forward
Active reload grants a brief surge of [30%] bonus movement speed and recoil control.

Increases pistol damage by [10%].


  • Each enemy in range after dash ends grants a “Core stack” that grant you damage absorb and damage output increase. They cap at 5 of them, giving you up to 37.5% damage increase and absorb.
  • The increased base shield of the Breacher synergies well with the Shieldburst item. This can be further increased with the Shielded module and 57 Fusion pistol.
  • Advised Item loadouts are Stun Grenade and Methadone for healing, although the Sentry provides decent distraction. Module recommendations are I-Frame as a learning curve and shielded to counter the slow regen.
  • Stun grenades grant instantly 5 guardian stacks on use.
  • Breacher has a plating cap of 4, the highest ingame and benefits greatly from the module scrap plating. Higher Power means more plating in a floor. Scavenging also increases plating drop but it's advisable to never go past 180 on the stat and instead prefer luck(More ammo TP procs) and movement speed
  • Breacher is a shotgun class and greatly gains from them, he gets pierce bonus on every ballistic shotgun ammo types.
  • Try to engage one group at a time and dash as much as possible to gain explosive charges, you can use these explosive charges to gain movement and cause AOE damage. The charges have impact damage and them the aoe blast damage.
  • Using stun grenade to make your own cover by stunning the tankiest enemy and staying out of it's sight is a great strategy for guardian classes.
  • Laser shotguns (battle hymn, raptor) do not gain raider class bonuses.
  • The + sign on his character is the sign of class ability(regen) and madness challenge completion bonus(regen) in action.
  • Gaining speed boost and item CD on explosion leads to some interesting synergies and combinations, in a coop game a demolisher as a partner means invincibility and CD reduction while in solo you can use items such as living bomb with a burst shotgun such as KSG 2000 to maximize efficiency.