The player character is an android, and can benefit from many things that humans typically cannot, such as stimulant injections and having their hardware upgraded.

This section will detail basic mechanics and stats relating to the player.

STAT EFFECT how it works Base Value
Max Health Determines maximum health for the player. 1000
Health Regen Determines health regeneration per second. 1 = 1 Health/s. Multiplied by healing stat. 0
Shield Max Determines maximum shield for the player. 700
Shield regen Determines shield regeneration per second. 1 = 1 Shield/s. Does not affect regeneration delay. 250
Armor Gives armor, reducing incoming damage. 1 = 1% Damage reduction. Enemy armor penetration

will subtract the armor value before calculating damage. Exceeding 75 armor will not yield any benefit.

Movement Speed Determines how many units a player can move

per second.

1 = 1 unit. A unit is one pixel (in 1080p resolution) 350
Dodge Chance to dodge. 1 = 1% chance. Dodging has a 0.25s cooldown. 3 (3%)
Scavenging Increases chance for powerups and pickups to spawn. Pickups will drop more with a higher value. 100
Currency Determines amount of credits gained from most sources. Works like a multiplier. 1 = 0.01x. 100 (1x)
Ammo Gain Determines amount of ammo gained from all sources. Same as credits. 1 = 0.01x. 100 (1x)
Luck Affects various chance-based factors. Multiplies chances for certain events to occur, such as the chance to find a divine weapon, and also

increases critical hit and dodge chance. Works like a multiplier. 1 = 0.01x.

100 (1x)
Critical Chance Chance for any shot to be a critical hit. 1 = 1% chance. Capped at 50 (50% chance), but can be increased to 65 with the Taro artifact. 3 (3%)
Critical Damage Determines critical hit damage. 1 = 0.01x. 200 (2x)
Headshot Damage Determines headshot damage. 1 = 0.01x. 200 (2x)
Damage Absorb Affects amount of incoming damage. Divides incoming damage based on value. 1 = 0.01. 100 (1/1)
Damage output Affects amount of damage dealt. Multiplies outgoing damage based on value. 1 = 0.01x. 100 (1x)
Healing Affects healing from all sources Multiplies health given from healing based on value.

1 = 0.01x.

100 (1x)
Accuracy Determines average level of accuracy. Divides deviation and movement accuracy by this value. 1 = 0.01. 100
Terror Level Determines enemy amount and speed. Increases upon certain events. 100