Curses are a permanent change within a run to the player character that may contain both downsides and upsides. Curses can be gained a variety of ways, the most common of which being from the Sacrifice Shrine or Cursed Chests. Curses can be cleansed by achieving the maximum number of stacks with the Devil's Dice Passive Item or by praying at Sacrifice Shrines.

Most of the Costs and Benefits below affect Character Statistics, and do so significantly. Effects obtained via curses can be sometimes be stacked as well.

Certain Curses will appear as an icon in the player's HUD when applied:


Shrine Curses[]

Curses that are obtained via the Sacrifice Shrine. Usually provide both positive and negative attributes, and are chosen at will by the player. All shrine effects have a good chance to grant the Blood Rite Item (Prayer grants a reduced chance).

Curse Cost Benefit Notes
Prayer None Chance to lift a curse and/or grant a single long-lasting buff (Usually 1 minute) and/or grant Data.
Curse of the Flesh "Weakness" - Decreases Maximum Health by 400. "Avarice" - Increases Currency Gain by 40 Not to be confused with 'Cursed Flesh.'
Curse of the Lethargic Decreases Dodge by 15 and reload speed by 10%. Increases Luck by 40.
  • Can cause dodge to go negative
Curse of the Wicked "Vulnerable" - Decreases Damage Absorb by 40 "Empowered" - Increases Damage Output by 30
Curse of the Ignorant "Dulled" - Currency Gain stat reduced by 50 "Resilient" - Increases Damage Absorb by 30
  • Can stack
  • Can cause Currency to become a negative value if used multiple times
Curse of the Partisan "Ransom" - Reduces damage absorb stat by 50 Increased Maximum Shield by 250 and removes curses gained from chests or co-op deaths
Tribute of Flesh "A Second Chance" - Decreases Maximum Health by 200 Refills Health and ammo, grants 2 Weapon Upgrade Kits and 2 Vial charges
Tribute of Copper "Offer Accepted" - Consumes up to 666 Credits Refills Health and Ammo Consumes 100 Data from the lab in addition if the tribute is not at least 666 Credits

Other Curses[]

Curses that are obtained outside of using a Sacrifice Shrine. These primarily act as automatic negative debuffs as opposed to the "give and take" nature of Shrine Curses.

Curse Cost Benefit
Cursed Chest

Obtained via opening a Cursed Item or Weapon Chest.

  • Damages player down to 100 hp
  • Permanent 50 less shield, temporarily lose 100 max shield (for a total of 150)
  • 10%-15% more damage received
  • Negative status effects last longer
  • Terror Level increased

Can stack multiple times. All stacks removed on boss kill.

A high level weapon or item, dependent upon the chest.
Cursed Flesh Obtained via dying in a co-op game.
  • Reduces shields temporarily, and lose 50 max shield permanently.
  • Increases damage taken percentage
  • All negative and positive buffs last longer
  • Terror Level increased

Can stack twice. All stacks removed on boss kill.

Not to be confused with "Curse of the Flesh."
Loop Obtained via Looping.
  • Decreases damage absorb by 5
  • Healing reduced to 20
  • Scavenging heavily reduced
  • Movement speed reduced, cannot go below 280
  • Terror Level increased

One instance is gained every loop level. Cannot be removed.