Can upgrade allies with scrap, deploys a powerful Sentry Turret and has strong utility bonuses with focus on items and special weapons.
core: Drone Zeal
The Engineer is followed by a Blackjack Drone, which fires burning laser shots at nearby enemies.
Using items grants Drone Zeal power, temporarily increasing its firerate and range, stacks up to 20 times.
Start with the Auto-Overclocker item, allowing you to buff allies with Scrap.
Start with reduced stats, but gain 50% increased bonuses from android upgrades.

The very first upgrade is much stronger.
level 5
Laser weapons gain 30% firerate and generate 10% less heat.
Special weapons have 30% more max ammo and ammo gain
Overclocking a Player grants 5 Drone Zeal stacks and refunds 5 Scrap.
level 10
Recycling 3 items grants a new item with 75% of the combined power of the three items.
Item shops offer 1 more item.

Recycling 10 items creates a second blackjack drone, and recycling items past that increases the minimum stacks by 1.
level 15
When summoned, your turret grants a shield boost, heals all summoned units, and reduces all running cooldowns by 30%.
Recycling an item grants 10 Drone Zeal stacks instantly.
level 20
Weapons begin to regenerate ammo after one second of not firing, all ammo regeneration effects increased by 20%.
Headshots scrape off 1 Scrap.
Unlocks Overdrive slot
level 25
25% chance to deploy 2 Sentry Turrets at once, and individual Turrets gain 10s increased lifespan.
Drone Zeal's max stacks increased to 30.
All Damaged items spawn as a Revised variant with 25% faster cooldowns and normal power
Cosmetic only: Energy Orb
Beat the Final Boss with the class at least 140% difficulty in the classic mode

All classes gain 5% reduced item cooldowns.
Beat the last boss with the class in the following modes:
[_] 200% Classic Mode
[_] 140% Madness mode
[_] 140% Tactical mode
[_] 140% H-Adrenaline mode

Killing an enemy has a 5% chance to revive it as friendly for a duration.

Cosmetic only: Glow Aura
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Significantly increased fire rate and reduced heat generation for laser weapons
  • Increased stat bonuses from body upgrades
  • Passive ammo regeneration (at level 20+)
  • Drone(s) can provide strong firepower at high stacks
  • Auto-Overclocker item can be used to temporarily heal and buff self or allies; unaffected by Healing stat
  • Starts with 20% reduced stats (such as Scavenging)
  • Cannot pick up plating (when equipped with the Auto-Overclocker item)
  • Delayed ammo regeneration (at level 20+) will also delay ammo regeneration effects from other sources

Signature Items[]

LMG Sentry Turret
Deploys a stationary light machine gun sentry turret, attacking near enemies with strong sustained firepower.
Empowers a friendly unit near the crosshairs, granting a firerate and maximum health boost at the cost of 25 scrap, can be stacked and lasts infinitely on summons.
Scrap is granted for kills, recycling items, bolts and plating.

Memory Modules[]

Status Extender
All user affecting positive and negative status effects last [35%] longer and status effects don't deal damage below 25% health.
Forged by Fire
Grants up to [10%] critical strike chance and [30%] higher firerate the higher the weapon Heat.
Getting hit by an explosion refreshes shields and grants a strong damage and firerate buff for [3] seconds.

All Grenades, placable mines & traps have [20%] reduced cooldowns.
Chromatic Alloy
Taking health damage over 50 has a [25%] chance of granting 50 armor for 5 seconds, 20 seconds cooldown.
Weapons Deal
Starting Pistols and weapons come in a non standard variant and weapon upgrade shops cost [25%] less.
All ammo regeneration effects are amplified by [35%].

Picking up ammo grants slight ammo regeneration for [20] seconds.
Inner Fire
Grants [20] health regeneration while in combat for a maximum of 10 seconds.

Instantly increases weapon heat by 25 and sets shields to half strength after the maximum duration.
Active reload grants [30%] improved recoil control and increases item cooldown speed by [100%] for 2 seconds.
Well Oiled
All items grant [4] maximum health and heal for the same on activation - stacks 50 times.

Item activations have a [2%] chance of resetting running cooldowns of all items.
Items cool down [35%] faster and weapons eject up to [35%] faster if heat is over 40.

Increases movement speed by 30.
Elemental Power
All inflicted slow, poison, fire, or bleed effects last [30%] longer (radiation deals more damage).

All effects applied by shots have a [15%] chance to have triple strength.
Take [15%] increased damage under 50 Heat and deal [30%] more damage when over 50 heat.

Overheating no longer removes shields and grants a strong shield buff for 6 seconds.
The first recycled item grants a replacement of the same rarity and [2] Plating.

Passively increases recycling gain by [35%].
Increases heat generation by [25%]. Dash now resets current heat, refreshes shields and reduces Dash cooldown all by [25%].

Increases dodge chance by 5%.
Sun Rising
Every 300 Heat produced passively increase burn and crit damage by 1%.

Stacks [40] times and reaching the max heals to full HP once.
Force Unleashed
Picking up Powerups heals for [10%] missing health and all powerups last [4] seconds longer (Powerups always last longer depending on how fast they were picked up).


  • Although the module icon for "Transmutate" dissapears after being triggered, the passive effect remains and can stack with itself by obtaining the module again.


  • Engineers gain a lot of utility from the Missile Drone and Guardian starter items. Almost all summon items scale well throughout the game, but the Missile Drone in particular gets extra damage from recycling items.
  • It may be prudent to immediately recycle any shot-triggered passive items with friendly fire risk. Your drones can inadvertently trigger those items with their weapon shots and create some unpleasant surprises.
  • Your summons, including your Sentry Turret, count as enemies for the purpose of lifesteal and Healing Crystal power.


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