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In SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising, progressing through the Kaida facility requires usage of their teleport system. On every floor, the teleporter leading to the third room is known as a selective teleport, allowing the player to choose between three different types of rooms:

  • Normal Alert Level 'A' Rooms - Remains unchanged from the previous rooms. Normal enemy amounts and items.
  • Low Alert Level 'C' Rooms - Lowers Terror Level by 15 when entering. Lowered amount of enemies, otherwise unchanged.
  • High Alert Level 'B' Rooms - High enemy count, raises terror level when arriving. Has a high chance to trigger a special event or modifier for the room: (See also: Events and Quests)
    • Hyper Adrenaline: Gives a temporary status effect that heavily decreases damage absorb and heavily raises damage output. Very similar to the Hyper Adrenaline gamemode.
    • Heavy Resistance: Even more enemies than usual, and enemies will periodically spawn around the map. Also changes the tileset to a unique one for that room.
    • Defuse Ammo: Very similar to timed chest events, spawns an ammo crate that will explode after two minutes. Successfully defusing it will grant 1000 experience as well as an Upgrade Kit or Android Upgrade.
    • Sensors Blocked: Prevents the player from viewing enemy health bars. Can be removed by destroying two EMP jammers on the map, and doing so will result in 1000 experience as well as an Upgrade Kit or Android Upgrade.
    • Darkness: The screen is covered in a green shader. Cannot be nullified.
  • Interestingly, on the third floor, V-Reality chambers, the boss overlaps with the selective teleport. This can cause the player to receive a Hyper Adrenaline status while fighting the boss, but no other effects are compatible with the boss stage.
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