Floors are sets of rooms which the player must progress through to win. Rooms are the individual areas that compose the floor.

All the floors are as follows:


  • A simple section that the player begins when pressing ready for the first time. Can be returned to by clicking the refresh icon on the class select tab, but the player will not return here otherwise. It explains all of the player's basic options and other important info. Always has an R2000 'Sour' DMR and a Super 90 in its chests. Entering the teleporter will return the player to one of the first floors.

Tutorial Floor.png

First Floor[]

The first floor is simple, with few challenging elements. The first floor always consists of four rooms, with a selective teleport and a boss stage afterwards. The difficulty of these floors can be increased if the player enables the lightning start difficulty modifier.

The first floor has three potential variations, only differing in visuals and map layout:

Kaida Training Floor

  • Simple layout for synth combat training. Many thin walls and training dummies are scattered around.

Kaida Training Floor.png

The Depot

  • Various low priority materials are stored here. Crates, barrels and tanks of fluid are everywhere.

The Depot.png

Generator Annex

  • Heavy generators and buzzing transformers are found here. They are safe to touch, but be wary of the low amount of cover around.

Generator Annex.png

Second Floor - Ballistic Silos[]

  • All kinds of heavy munitions from cannon shells to tactical ballistic missiles. Enemies here are far tougher than the first floor. Has three rooms and a selective teleport, then a boss.

Ballistic Silo.png

Third Floor - V-Reality Chambers[]

A very strange alien environment, used to test teleport tech that the Chrono Troopers use. Combat may cause a visual glitch in the simulation. Enemies here hit hard and are difficult to avoid. Has two rooms and a selective teleport that overlaps with the boss. V-Reality Chambers.png

Fourth Floor - Military Bay[]

  • A massive area filled with extremely heavily armed soldiers, along with heavy artillery and potentially even a tank equipped with dual chainguns. Has four rooms with a selective teleport, then the final boss.
  • Entering a stage with the Madness Accelerator present will notify the player with a '!'.

Military Bay.png

Final Bossfight[]

  • A room consisting of 4 areas.
  • The Globe room - A safe area where the player teleports in, has an ammo box near the gate to the next area.


  • The Guards - A difficult encounter with two heavily armed tanks. There is little cover in this arena. Has one ammo crate next to the gate.

The Guards.png

  • Disco room - An arena with enemies that perpetually spawn. The floor tiles will switch from being normal floor to being harmful, and the player(s) must hack four servers to open the gate leading to the final boss. Has two ammo crates next to the gate.


  • Finale: Last Defender - The final boss, must be defeated in order to count the run as 'won.' (See also: Bosses.)

Last Defender Room.png

Final Final Bossfight[]

  • Armageddon room - Tasked to stop Armageddon, this level plays similar to HACK THE SERVER boss with the very important difference that you should not roam around the room.

The device has two counters. The top one indicates how much you've manage to hack, the bottom one indicates how close Armageddon is to triggering. You win the level by making the top bar fill up before the bottom bar does.


  • After stopping the Armageddon device, the player will be teleported back to the first floor. This is known as a loop, a state after defeating LD where the player will repeat the run again, but with an infinitely stacking debuff that reduces stats. The floor colour is always red during loops. Notably, the teleporter will always take the player to the Generator Annex instead of the other first floor variants.