Heavy Gunner

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Heavy Gunner
Starts with the onslaught system including a light machine gun, Strong sustained firepower and suppresses enemies with a hail of bullets
core: Suppression
Bullet hits have a heat dependent chance to Suppress enemies, reducing their accuracy and movespeed.
Can carry an extra weapon.
Dashing is slower, but lasts longer, granting 30% dodge chance and movement accuracy.

Start with the LG-2 'Onslaught' LMG, which prints its own ammo while in the backpack.
level 5
The Heavy Gunner gear grants 15 Armor, 10% critical chance, and weapon hits regain 3 health and 10 shield.
Doubled while Onslaught system is running or while dashing, but always have 25% longer item cooldowns.
level 10
All weapons reload 25% faster, have 25% reduced weapon upgrade costs, and weapon upgrade kits offer four attachment choices.
Start with a Custom Upgrade Kit.
level 15
Unjamming grants a random power-up and reduces running item cooldowns by 10s, jamming chance increased.
Unjamming whilst the Onslaught system is running increases its active duration by 5 seconds.
level 20
All projectiles gain one bounce and gain 25 damage.
2% chance for any% shot to be a staggering Ultrashot that deals 1-1500 bonus damage, represented by a green damage number.
Unlocks Overdrive slot
level 25
Picking up ammo grants an ammo regeneration powerup, and supplies the Onslaught System with 5 missiles which are fired while it is active.
LG-2 gains double ammo regeneration.
Cosmetic only: Energy Orb
Beat the Final Boss with the class at least 140% difficulty in the classic mode

All classes gain 5% movement accuracy.

Doubled effect for party members in coop
Beat the last boss with the class in the following modes:
[_] 200% Classic Mode
[_] 140% Madness mode
[_] 140% Tactical mode
[_] 140% H-Adrenaline mode

Onslaught System gains a 20% chance to not consume missiles and fire the next one instantly.

Cosmetic only: Glow Aura
Advantages Disadvantages
  • High ammo sustain and inherent lifesteal effects
  • Can slow/disorient enemies, reducing their accuracy and movement speed
  • Rapid reloads and inherent armor
  • Upgrade kits offer more choices
  • Onslaught System works with almost any weapon, increasing firepower while granting ammo regeneration
  • Can carry an additional weapon
  • LG-2 'Onslaught' and Onslaught System both reduce movement speed while equipped/active, vulnerable to snipers and explosions
  • Weapons will jam more often than usual
  • No bonuses to a specific weapon type

Signature Item[edit | edit source]

Onslaught System
Turns on the onslaught feed system, taking energy from movement and vision systems.
Grants strong ammo regeneration, highly reduced recoil, increased firerate and a chance to fire twice for a duration.

Memory Modules[edit | edit source]

Weapon Drop
A random common class weapon is sent to the proceeding teleporter after obtaining 50 kills. Higher module power decreases the requirement.
Active reload grants Routine, increasing armor penetration by [2] and movement speed by [2%]. Stacks 8 times - Failing loses all.
Perfect active reloads grant 2 stacks.
Dashing [SHIFT] grants [10%] increased firerate for 2 seconds and damage immunity while dashing.
Specialized Ammo
Grants [1] selections of custom ammo types at first teleporter usage and passively increases critical damage by [35%].
Drone Mod
Allows your companion drone to fire. The drone has a range of [750] and a firerate of [50] shots per minute.

(Companion drone is only available when solo.)
Field Rations
Health crates grant [75%] increased health and permanently increase healing by [5%].

Ammo crates grant double ammo.
Press the Attack
Active reload grants a brief surge of speed with [20%] dodge chance and [35%] increased accuracy while moving for 2 seconds.
On the Edge
Grants [15%] increased critical strike chance below 35% health and [50] health regeneration over 85% health. (Hidden) Increases shield max by 50.
Pack a Punch
The first found weapon is upgraded [3] times and also gains [15%] more weapon damage.
Hold Breath
Standing still continuously stabilizes the stance, reducing weapon deviation and recoil by up to [135%] and increasing critical strike chance by up to [40%] - resets on shots fired.
Increases credits gain by [15%] for each consecutive kill - combo diminishes after 5 seconds.

Decreases accuracy by [15%].
Increases existing life steal and health regeneration by [35%] as well as armor by [10] when shields are down.
Take Cover
Standing near intact destructible cover grants [40%] increased shield regen and [20%] increased accuracy.

Increases maximum shields by 50.
Headshots deal [15%] more damage and increases the chance of finding damage powerups by [75%].
Each consecutive hit grants one stack of Drill with [3%] increased firerate and [5%] reduced weapon deviation.

Stacks 10 times.
Misses halve the stacks.

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