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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for SYNTHETIK. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.


Key Function
WASD Character Movement
Shift Dash
E Eject Magazine (Unspent bullets are wasted!)
R/Space Begin Reload/Confirm Reload (see Reload Section)
Numbers Items
X Examine Weapon
C Examine Android
Q Change Weapon
L Drop Weapon
T Ping (For co-op)
Tab Minimap
Ctrl Swap active ammo type if the magazine is ejected and there is a second ammo type available
Left and Right Arrow Scroll between options at Shrines where there are more than one options

Player Character Statistics[]

View these in-game by pressing C

Name Description Default Maximum Notes
Max Health Maximum Android health capacity 1000
Health Regen Health regeneration per second 0
Shield Max Defines maximum shield capacity 400
Shield Regen Defines shield regeneration strength per second 120 Does not affect the time before shields begin regenerating, only how quickly they regenerate once they have begun charging
Armor Absorbs flat health damage equal to armor amount after shields 0
Movement Speed Defines basic movement speed 350
Luck Multiplies general chances for events, talents, lucky drops, chest chances, and item side effects. Item main trigger chances and critical hit chance affected by half. 100
Scavenging Multiplies pickup and chest amount as well as the chance of finding better chests. 100
Currency Multiplies total currency gain from all sources - mainly gained through kills. 100
Ammo Gain Multiplies total ammunition gain from all larger ammo sources. 100
Dodge Percent chance to completely dodge an attack, can avoid nearly anything. Unaffected by luck stat. 3 Dodging has a 0.75 second cooldown after every trigger
Critical Chance Percent chance to critically strike with weapon attacks, dealing additional damage. 3 35 (50 with the Taro artifact)
Critical Damage Critical strike damage multiplier 2
Headshot Damage Headshot damage multiplier 2
Damage Absorb Total damage resistance from all sources including shield resistance 100
Damage Output Damage multiplier for all weapon based attacks 100
Healing Multiplies healing and regeneration received from all sources 100
Accuracy Weapon accuracy modifier 100 Reduces deviation and recoil

Basic gameplay[]


Number Description
The robot you are controlling.
Optionally visible number of ammo in the magazine, this shows up if it is close to an end of magazine.
Arrows shows number of dashes available, they reappear after usage with certain time.
Current ammunition can be swapped by pressing CTRL with an ejected magazine if other ammo types are available.
If playing next waves after destroying last boss, it shows the 'loop' map number (in here it is 4th map).
Current perks and class core, hovering over each provides a description. Also shows additional buffs/debuffs on right.
Health bar (in red), optional armor plating (in white), shield bar (in blue). Health can be regenerated with perks, items, special weapons and medical chests. Shields regenerate after not taking damage for a period of time. Notice: Certain items remove shield.
Current weapon heat, which dissipates over time. Going past 100% breaks shields and deals health damage for each additional shot while overheated. Some perks can make overheating beneficial.
Current ammo, with maximum ammo in the magazine shown in the bar below.


Number Description
Credits, used to buy and upgrade weapons and items at kiosks, gamble at kiosks, and open some Mystery Chests.
Data, used to unlock starter weapons and items, and to fuel research which brings several advantages such as modifying drop rates. Later on right there is a list of picked up special items, especially keycards which can be used to open certain chests.

Target Reticle.png

Number Description
The target reticle when the gun's magazine is full
The target reticle when the gun's magazine is near empty. Also if your magazine is close to empty then you will see white squares near your character on top right.
While in active reload, the white portion of the reticle and the bar next to the player will increase rapidly until the bar and circle are full
The colored area on the bar and circle define the space in which you must confirm the reload to finish it faster. If using Haste difficulty modifier then color reload area also has brighter color section.


Reloading is a core mechanic in every shooter game, but Synthetik emphasizes it even more. For most weapons, there are three steps to reloading. By default keybindings, the player presses E to eject the magazine (and any bullets left inside), then R or Space to begin the act of inserting a new magazine. As the bar (3 in the table above) fills, the player then tries to press R or Space once more when the white bar is within the active reload area (4 in the table above.) Hitting this active reload correctly grants any number of buffs to all shots fired from the new magazine, from increased damage or fire rate to better recoil control and more.

Active reloading can be turned off in the difficulty modifiers section of the main menu, at the expense of slower reloads and 10% less Data and XP rewards.

Weapon Jam.PNG

Your weapon may jam at any time, as long as the Weapon Jamming difficulty modifier is activated. To clear a jam, simply mash the Reload key (default R or Space) until the jam clears. You can also clear a jam by continually trying to fire however this will take significantly longer. The weapon will have a full magazine, and the ammo in the jammed magazine will be lost.

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