Nemesis Prototype
1 / 25
A devastatingly powerful single-shot rifle that is just as dangerous to the wielder as it is to its enemies.
heat / cool
1.25x / 1.10x
recoil / ctrl
50 / 120
R/E time
1.00s / 0.25s
  • Exponential Ultra Piercing
  • Active Reload Heat Vent
  • Lifesteal
  • "The Nemesis Prototype is a forgotten construct created by human father - the caliber deemed unhandy to be wielded by a human but the devastating power kept it locked and hidden to not fall into the hands of the machine legion."

    The Nemesis Prototype is an incredibly powerful sniper rifle that uses 14.4mm rounds. Its bullets ricochet many times, have lifesteal on hits and even more on headshots, and can gain even more power when penetrating targets. It will vent most heat upon a successful active reload, encouraging the player to aim for active reloads to keep firing.

    The abbreviation for this weapon is 'SRP.'



    • Monstrously powerful per-hit damage, which increases damage by 50% for each enemy struck by the shot
    • Deals increased damage to bosses
    • Default ammo causes each hit to remove 1 additional plating from enemies
    • Very quick reload cycle
    • Pinpoint accurate
    • Lifesteal


    • Ricocheting rounds can very easily bounce back and hit the player - can be fatal even at full health and shield if the round has already penetrated several targets
    • Default single shot capacity limits effectiveness versus scattered waves of enemies
    • Very high heat generation if active reloads are not successfully chained
    • Slightly slower cooling


    • Pickup: 12
    • Ballistic Anti Materiel.png Ballistic Anti-Material Ammunition
      • 14.4mm Titanium Core
    • Compatible Ammo
      • 14.4mm Kraken (Poison/Acid)
      • 14.4mm Soulripper Sabot (AP)


    • Exponential Ultra Piercing
      • Pierces enemies and gains 50% damage for each enemy pierced
    • Active Reload Heat Vent
      • Active reloads resets heat to its
    • Lifesteal
      • 0.6% Lifesteal on shots and 4% for rest of the travel time upon headshots


    • Since any timed variant has a small chance to become a timeless variant, it's always worth taking the weapon from "Test the Nemesis Prototype" terminals.
    • Synergises well with the Power Link attachment and any modules that require active reloads (e.g. Keeping Cool on Rogue classes).
    • The Last Straw attachment will allow every shot to inflict either stun or burn.
    • The Backup Printer attachment benefits from the high heat generation, allowing every other shot to be gained back as ammo, effectively doubling spare ammo.
    • Using the Magazine Spring or Caliber Reduction attachment to increase magazine size is not recommended without also having the Reload Vent attachment, since the Active Reload Heat Vent perk cannot dissipate all heat.
    • Using the Super Heavy Compound attachment is not recommended for the Nemesis, because the heavy damage falloff featured in the attachment, combined with the range decrease severely cut the weapon's utility use as a long range sniper rifle, whilst buffing the already impressive damage at point blank only. The Titanium Rifling attachment will counteract the damage dropoff, but it will not remedy the range decrease back to its full potential.


    • Formerly, this weapon could also be acquired via collecting 4 Weapon Parts
    • The Nemesis Prototype is based on a mix of the SAN511 and OM50 Sniper Rifle models by Swiss Arms, chambered in 12.7 x 99mm NATO.
    • "Initially the game was designed to be centered around handling only this weapon with the strong bolt-action mechanics, with other weapons only being temporary, but then the other weapon prototypes were also too much fun to limit the game that way, so a traditional model was chosen with all types of weapons and the sniper core gameplay scrapped." - Shrike, lead developer of SYNTHETIK.