Pickups are any item that can appear on the ground in the environment, many of which can drop from enemies, and some being pre-placed randomly within a level. Pickups can range from temporary power ups, heath and ammo drops, to weapons, upgrade kits and dropped items.

Basic pickups[]

Most basic pickups can be found as drops from enemy kills, as potential shrine rewards, or from mystery chests.

Ammo Box
Refills a portion of the spare ammo of each weapon in the player's inventory, scales with Ammo Gain stat.
Heals the player for 250 Health, scales with Healing stat.
Grants 1 Plating which absorbs any one hit after shields are down.
Grants a variable amount of credits, scales with Currency stat.
Grants between 5 to 20 Data.
Weapon Pickup
Appears on the ground when the player already has the maximum number of weapons and gets another one. Also appears when the player drops a weapon ("L" key by default). Contains the weapon purchased/dropped.
Upgrade Kit
Increases the stats of the currently equipped weapon, and offers a choice of 3 or more random weapon attachments. If all attachment slots are filled, grants 4 (or more depending on factors such as Modular variant weapons) random stat upgrades instead. If stats are maxed, the upgrades are directed to increasing the damage of the weapon by 1% each.
Item Box
Grants the player one random item, or appears as a set item that the player drops from their item hotbar. Items can only be dropped when not on cooldown.

Special pickups[]

Special pickups are found under a variety of different circumstances, but are generally rarer to come by than basic pickups.

Module Core
Offers a choice of three random class modules, selected from a limited pool. High drop chance from bosses; chance decreases for every boss that drops one. Can also be found from Mystery Chests/Terminals.
Vial Charge
Heals the character slightly and re-fills one charge of a vial or supply-type item, if one is equipped. Guaranteed drop from bosses.
Raider exclusive pickup that drops from enemies. Refreshes shields and increases any active buff duration by 2 seconds. Scales with Scavenging stat. Earning Dogtags can also grant Raider item bonuses at certain levels, see Raider page for more details.
Used to open Timed Chests that have been locked. Has a small chance to not be consumed, identified by a "Keycard not blocked!" notification upon use. Rare drop from enemies or from Mystery Chests/Terminals.
Used to open Timed Chests that have been locked. Identical to the Keycard, but has 500 uses. Any keycard has a 1% chance of being a Multi-Pass. No visual difference.
Picking up 6 of these in one run grants a random item. Appears in every level (excluding bosses) until all bolts are collected, but may be very well hidden.
Artifact Fragment
Picking up three of these in one run grants a choice of 3-4 randomly-chosen Artifacts. Rarely drops from enemies.
Core Part
Picking up 4 of these in one run grants the Heart Core item. May appear in any level (excluding bosses) until all pieces are collected, but may be very well hidden.
Cursed Weapon Part
Picking up 4 of these in one run grants a random Cursed variant weapon.
Ring Pickup
Grants the player one of the three random Ring items:
  • Ring of Experience
  • Ring of Glass
  • Bloodthirsty Ring

Temporary powerups[]

Temporary powerups are limited time buffs that can randomly drop from enemies or from wooden crates that can be found in the environment. Powerups have a short lifespan after dropping before disappearing, so be sure to pick them up immediately if you want to use them. All powerups with the exception of Shield Boost and Damage Boost require the Powerups enhancement research to be unlocked and usable.

Shield Boost
Fully refills shields and increases max shields by +200 for a short time.
Ammo Boost
Resets heat to base value, grants and greatly increases ammo regeneration for a short period.
Speed Boost
Increases movement speed and fire rate temporarily.
Credits Boost
3x multiplier to all credits and EXP gained for a short time. Multiplier of current Currency stat value.
Damage Boost
Increases all damage output by 40% temporarily. Multiple instances can stack.

Arena Exclusive[]

These pick-up items are only available in Arena.

  • Fan of Knives - activates fan of knives. Appears as such.
  • Reinforcements - Appears as an LMG turret. Spawns several LMG turrets, or Allied androids.
  • Drone Support - Summons several allied missile drones. Appears as such
  • Metal - Appears as orb of iron, and fires out many ricocheting iron orbs
  • Thunder - Lightning strikes nearby foes, and appears as unstable current
  • Seismic Explosion - Appears as ZR99 Living Bomb, explodes on the player's position.
  • Laser Mines - Throws out laser mines.
  • Invulnerable - Obvious. Appears as RV Rebuke System.