High mobility with two dash charges. Finishes enemies with his knife and collects dog tags for various upgrades.
core: Looter
Kills drop Dogtags which refresh shields.
Looting any pickups grant 1 stack of Looter, buffing firerate, burstfire-delay and scavenging.
Lasts 5 seconds, stacks 3 times. Stacks also reset duration.
Dashing grants brief invulnerability and has two separate charges.
level 5
Decreases movement inaccuracy by 50%,
Firing movement slowdown by 33%,
Weapon burstfire-delay by 20%.
level 10
Opening chests or using terminals grant a powerful critical strike chance and damage buff for a couple of seconds.

Finishing enemies with commando blade resets its cooldown.
level 15
The Reverbing Blade gains a 20% chance to strike for critical damage, instantly resetting its cooldown and granting a guaranteed dogtag on kills. Chance scales with luck.
level 20
Finding 30 dogtags grant the Aircom item.

Finding 60 dogtags grants 1000 credits and 2 Upgrade Kits.
Unlocks Overdrive Slot
level 25
Each dogtag collected grants 0.5% Scavenging, reduced effect after 50 dogtags.

All weapons gain a 15% chance to fire an additional shot.
Losing 3 stacks of "Core: Looter" extends all positive buffs by 7 seconds. (unlisted: collecting 45 dogtags grants a random common weapon.)
Cosmetic only: Energy Orb
Beat the Final Boss with the class at least 140% difficulty in the classic mode

All classes gain 3% movement speed.
Beat the last boss with the class in the following modes:
[_] 200% Classic Mode
[_] 140% Madness mode
[_] 140% Tactical mode
[_] 140% H-Adrenaline mode

Finding 111 dogtags grants a random Ultra variant weapon.

Cosmetic only: Glow Aura
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Has two dash charges which grant invincibility
  • High mobility
  • Firerate deficit can be overcome by perpetuating the core bonus.
  • Can consistently get Aircom with the level 20 bonus.
  • Permanent possible double-shot effect (level 25)
  • Maintaining the pickup bonus can be difficult
  • Low HP replenishment
  • Must be close to enemies frequently without effective crowd-control tools
  • Has a ~9.5% fire rate reduction for ALL weapons

Signature Item[]

Reverbing Blade
Unleashes a swift strike in close proximity, deals additional damage while dashing.
Dealing damage heals for a bit of missing health. Also reduces weapon heat by 10 on use.

Memory Modules[]

Weapon Drop
A random common class weapon and upgrade kit is sent to the proceeding teleporter after obtaining 35 kills. Higher module power decreases the requirement.
Active reload grants Routine, increasing armor penetration by [1] and movement speed by [1%]. Stacks 15 times - Failing loses all.
Perfect active reloads grant 2 stacks.
Dashing grants [15%] increased critical chance for 2 seconds and damage immunity while dashing.
Specialized Ammo
Grants [1] selections of custom ammo types at first teleporter usage and passively increases critical damage by [40%].
Drone Mod
Allows your companion drone to fire. The drone has a range of [750] and a firerate of [50] shots per minute.

(Companion drone is only available when solo.)
Field Rations
Health crates grant [75%] increased health and permanently increase healing by [5%].

Ammo crates grant double ammo.
Press the Attack
Active reload grants a brief surge of speed with [20%] dodge chance and [35%] increased accuracy while moving for 2 seconds.
On the Edge
Grants [15%] increased critical strike chance below 35% health and [50] health regeneration over 85% health. (Hidden) Increases shield max by 50.
Pack a Punch
The first found weapon is upgraded [3] times and also gains [15%] more weapon damage.
Hold Breath
Standing still continuously stabilizes the stance, reducing weapon deviation and recoil by up to [135%] and increasing critical strike chance by up to [40%] - resets on shots fired.
Increases credits gain by [15%] for each consecutive kill - combo diminishes after 5 seconds.

Decreases accuracy by [15%].
Increases existing life steal and health regeneration by [35%] as well as armor by [10] when shields are below 50 or down.
Take Cover
Standing near intact destructible cover grants [40%] increased shield regen and [20%] increased accuracy.

Increases maximum shields by 50.
Headshots deal [15%] more damage and increases the chance of finding damage powerups by [75%].
Each consecutive hit grants one stack of Drill with [3%] increased firerate and [5%] reduced weapon deviation.

Stacks 10 times.
Misses halve the stacks.


  • As the only class with two innate dashes, the Raider class is extremely mobile, which is helpful for run and gun playstyles.
  • The Reverbing Blade is stronger when dashing; which makes it useful for wiping out groups of enemies with relatively little risk, while healing yourself in the process. Combine this with the two dashes the Raider gets, and you'll be capable of eliminating most targets before they can be a threat to you.