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Shines are placed within levels at random and can vary in purpose greatly depending on what kind of shrine is being used.

Weapon Shop
Offers one to four weapons for sale in exchange for credits. Only one may be purchased. Weapon prices scale with rarity and rooms completed.

Base prices (outdated):

  • Common: 1100 credits
  • Rare: 1800 credits
  • Legendary: 2500 credits
Offers a Service:
  • Weapon & Accessories
  • Weapon Supply (M79 Grenade Launcher)
  • Injury Treatment
  • Test Medication
  • Raise Alert Level
  • Test Stimulants
  • Donate Blood
  • Gamble Credits
  • Item Trade
  • Self-Destructing Weapon
  • Test the Nemesis Prototype
Item Upgrade
Allows the player to spend credits for incremental power upgrades to their passive and active items. The cost for each upgrade goes up based on the current power level of the item, maxing out at 2500 credits.
Item Shop
Offers one to four items for sale in exchange for credits. Only one may be purchased. Item prices scale with rarity and rooms completed.

Base prices:

  • Common: 440 credits
  • Rare: 640 credits
  • Epic: 960 credits
  • Legendary: 1280 credits
Allows the player to make a variety of sacrifices in exchange for a random reward and a Curse.
Asks if the player would like to accept a quest, with no details until accepting the offer. Completed quests always reward either a Weapon Upgrade Kit or an Android Upgrade Module, as well as XP and Credits.
Weapon Upgrade
Provides 6 stat upgrades to the currently equipped weapon for a large credit cost, starting at 1200 credits; costs scale with the number of stat upgrades currently on the weapon. At the most, no more than two uses are needed to fully upgrade a weapon. Subsequent uses will permanently increase the weapon's damage by 1% each, starting at 320 credits. May be used unlimited times, with costs scaling with the number of damage upgrades currently on the weapon.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The quest shrine is referred to as the "God Shrine" in the tab combat logs, and gives 120 xp + 25 credits when destroyed.