Long range expert specialized in sniper rifles. Eliminates his foes with precise headshots
core: Spotter
Supported by Striker drone which tags enemies and renders them vulnerable
Eliminating the target quickly grants 30 credits and a temporary 20% damage buff for all allies
Headshots deal 50% more damage and always penetrate
Headshots refresh 20% of maximum shields, each headshot kill increases maximum shield by 3 and heals the player.
level 5
Deal 25% more penetration damage and all weapons gain 200 range
Striker drone range increases by 200.
Dropping below 25% health refills shields, and grants 2s of full invulnerability. 150s cooldown.
level 10
Headshot kills drop a laser mine at the victim's location.
Each Spotter takedown heals for 20% of your missing health.
level 15
Activating the targeting laser or standing still increases dodge chance by 15% and damage absorb by 25%.
Start with the K98 Classic
level 20
Marksman weapons gain 50% increased rate of fire, +30% ejection speed, and +10% reload speed.
Striker drone fires twice as often.
Unlocks Overdrive slot
level 25
Hitting 2 targets with one shot instantly reloads the Striker drone and grants it 2% increased damage, permanently
Hitting 3 targets with one shot grants full Spotter talent effects.
Pistols gain 40% increased rate of fire
Cosmetic only: Energy Orb
Beat the Final Boss with the class at least 140% difficulty in the classic mode

All classes start with 3% more critical chance.
Beat the last boss with the class in the following modes:
[_] 200% Classic Mode
[_] 140% Madness mode
[_] 140% Tactical mode
[_] 140% H-Adrenaline mode

Striker drone shots now fully penetrate, increasing in damage for each penetrated target.

Cosmetic only: Glow Aura
Advantages Disadvantages
  • High damage output
  • Great credit gain due to the Spotter talent
  • Gains 3 max shield for every headshot kill made
  • Drone performs well with weapons that pierce, which can continuously reload the drone and reset talent cooldowns (at level 25)
  • Most talents directed to marksman weapons
  • Struggles with close-range combat due to lack of talents that provide movement options
  • Has a 10% firerate deficit similar to raider

Signature Item[]

Targeting Laser
Lights bullet direction with a laser trail and drastically decreases weapon recoil and deviation when used.
Additionally, when not on cooldown, the next shot is a guaranteed critical strike.

Memory Modules[]

Head Hunter
Headshots have a [50%] chance of refunding 1 bullets to spare ammo and refresh [10%] of missing shields.

Damage over 300 doubles the effect, Shotguns excluded.
Switch Position
Ejecting a weapon grants a [60%] damage reduction and movement speed for [2] seconds.

5 seconds cooldown.
Evasive Maneuvers
Increases dodge chance by [5%].

Dodging triggers a minor dash and replenishes one bullet in the current magazine.
Attacking out of combat deals additional [5%] damage for each second being out of combat.

Exiting a teleporter or beginning a wave grants stealth for [7] seconds.
Shadow Dance
Grants [3] dodge chance and [7%] increased healing for each 3 seconds of being infight, stacks 3 times - resets on taking damage.
Standing still quickly diminishes shield regeneration delay and heat. Increases maximum health by 100.
Keeping Distance
When no enemy is within 600 range, gain [30%] increased firerate and [15] increased armor damage absorbtion.
Every 5 inflicted Headshots passively increase critical strike chance and critical damage by 1% and heals for [20%] missing health.

Crit bonuses stack up to [10] times.
DMR Conversion
Found weapons with magazine sizes from [10]-[20] are modified to semi-automatic, with increased damage and reduced firerate.
Power Tuning
Increases Headshot damage and running ammo regeneration by [35%] if weapon heat is below 10.

Passively Increases weapon heat generation by [10%].
Standing still while in combat grants [2] seconds of [60%] total damage absorbtion, 10 seconds cooldown.
Keeping Cool
Hitting active reload refreshes [75%] of shields, grants a [250] shield buff that lasts 3 seconds and reduces current weapon heat by 10.
Blood Borne
Grants a [2] second time window after taking damage over 300 to gain the lost health back or even more with weapon lifesteal.

15 seconds cooldown.
Die Hard
While at full health, never take more than 75 health damage - Damage dealt to Rank 1 or 2 Elite enemies is increased by [30%].
Against the Odds
Grants [25%] increased maximum Health and heal an additional [7%] of maximum health each healing instance over 100 HP but take an additional 10% damage.


  • Backstab only loses effect when you enter combat. Using grenades or engaging enemies from afar will not trigger combat, allowing you to maintain the benefit from Backstab.


  • Even with the starting pistol, the damage multipliers from the Targetting Laser's guaranteed critical and Backstab's full charge can cause thousands of points of damage on a headshot. This further improves if the target has been marked by your spotter drone.
  • The Shield gain on headshots is based on the number of headshots on kill, as opposed to a kill with a headshot. Weapons that fire multiple projectiles in a single shot (such as shotguns) can procc the shield gain multiple times on a single enemy, assuming more than one projectile hits the head on the killing shot.