X512 Experimental
15 / 75
A heavy prototype assault rifle that fires homing projectiles.
heat / cool
1.00x / 1.00x
recoil / ctrl
22 / 120
R/E time
1.30s / 0.65s
  • Power Surge
  • The X512 Experimental is a strange assault rifle that fires unique homing needles. It has a slow firerate and small magazine size, with a small chance to grant 50 shield back to the player on kills. It cannot headshot or gain damage from critical hits as a trade-off for its homing property.

    In Arena, it can be purchased for Engineer as a Series 5 weapon if the player has the Arena Premium Upgrade DLC.

    The abbreviation for this weapon is 'EX.'



    • Fires powerful homing bolts
    • Very high range, comparable to that of missiles
    • Good recovery/control
    • Shield recovery
    • Shots disorient enemies


    • Cannot headshot enemies or deal critical damage
    • Projectiles cannot gain the ability to pierce enemies (via the Hyper Accelerator attachment or other means)
    • Projectiles are fired at random velocities, making their trajectories difficult to predict
    • Projectile seeking is relatively weak, and is not enough to offset loss of accuracy during sustained full-auto fire
    • Limited magazine capacity for its class
    • Low ammo gain



    • Power Surge
      • Grants a 2% chance per shot fired to decrease firing delay by 50% (100% firerate bonus for a single shot while shooting full-auto) and restore 50 shield
        • Gains an additional 2% chance for every 100 maximum shield the player has
        • Chance also slightly affected by Luck


    • Although the X512 can critically strike, it gains no additional damage from doing so, and is thus unaffected by Critical Damage.
    • With skill, practice, and some time learning how well the projectiles track enemies, it's very possible to shoot around corners with the X512, minimizing risk and reducing your exposure to return fire.
    • While the X512 lacks the ability to headshot or deal critical damage, its extreme range makes it invaluable in Hyper Adrenaline mode, allowing kills to be made from well outside the effective range of most weapons.
    • The Drill module for Commando classes does not count missed projectiles from the X512, making the maximum stack of 10 easy to obtain and effectively permanent
    • The Assassin's Professional Core also does not count missed projectiles from the X512, making high stacks relatively easy to obtain
    • The X512 has fairly poor magazine capacity, so you may wish to focus on attachments that benefit this stat. Alternatively, invest in compensating for its recoil.
    • Does not drop in coop due to networking issues


    • The X512 is based off the CZ 805 Bren
    • Despite the name having 512 in it, the text on the reciever says "FX-508"